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Should A Copywriter Be Versatile?

The term ?copywriting? in the Internet environment has already gained a narrowly specific meaning. For example earlier copywriters were those guys involved in writing advertising texts for various media. But today we call copywriters those ones who are busy with creating unique texts for websites.

As you know the problem of content shortage has become particularly relevant on the net. And there?s no wonder about this because the number of websites is growing all the time and more and more articles are required correspondently. So the world of electronic commerce requires professional copywriters who have the ability to write commercial texts for websites. And I should say that very often customers demand such a personal quality as universality. In other words, the author must write equally well on any subject. So knowledge in any field means an extra plus for any copywriter.

To be honest some webmasters annoy copywriters with this necessity to be versatile. It?s clear that all the people can?t be versatile. But such customers are particularly meticulous in choosing copywriters though they pay more for the execution of orders when compared with their rivals.

Many customers are still waiting for the author’s universality as the God?s gift perhaps. But I should say that content exchangers are more democratic in this sense. It?s known that these services are primarily oriented on price and quality. However to be honest I should stress that these content exchanges also have their own disadvantages. For example in this case the direct communication between a copywriter and his client is impossible.

As you know newcomers also have to be versatile when making their first steps in this industry. And these young guys aren?t surprised by this requirement because the have to be versatile from the very beginning. Perhaps they take it for granted. So most probably being versatile is what almost every customer needs now. It has become the most widely spread requirement now. And many guys use this for their benefit currently. The matter is that there are many people exploiting this universality. I mean those guys involved in the resale of unique articles to the end user. So they find beginners, give them orders on different subjects and then use this unique product reselling this at least twice higher than the original cost. Only inexperienced guys agree to work for such people consciously. So as you can see for some quick witted guys this universality is a really profitable thing but not for executors unfortunately. But it?s only my point of view.

Thus, the problem of the author’s versatility on the Internet environment is largely illusory. In my opinion it?s much more attractive to work in a field you know well. So I?m sure that the future of copywriting belongs to those guys who are able to write articles on specific topics.

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