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Role Of The Theory Of Color In Art.

Painting in some old manuals is quite often defined as drawing by paints that specifies in the basic sign of painting distinguishing it from other kinds of the fine arts, namely of work by paints, i.e. with color.

Color problems under various points of view are learned at the present in variety of sciences and scientific disciplines. The physics studies the power nature of color, the physiology – perception process by human eye of waves of certain length and their transformation into color, psychology – problems of perception of color and its influence on mentality, the biology – value and color role in ability to live of lively and vegetative organisms, the mathematician develops techniques of measurement of color.

In the theory of painting art and picturesque practice are studied mainly aesthetic properties of color, law of creation of color system, color of picture, various receptions of use of contrasts, parity of color with other components of the art form, such, as line, plastic arts, treatment of light and shade, color role in composition picturesque work.

The main criteria of estimation of color and color combinations in art practice of the fine arts are their beauty, conformity as to natural color and the color combinations existing actually, and creative plan of the artist.

Laws of coloristic combinations in painting are processed by creative consciousness of the artist of certain laws of the objective validity.

Color harmony, color, the contrasts existing actually, the artist in own way perceives, generalizes, interprets according to creative plan, and sometimes and considerably transforms, reconsiders.

The knowledge of scientific representations of color can’t replace, of course, necessity of studying by the artist of the nature in all its variety and complexity of displays of forms and colors, but can essentially enrich art practice as it was repeatedly observed in the history of arts.

Scientific knowledge of color is necessary for the artist and for development of technology of painting. The picture paint layer is perceived by the spectator thanks to variety of physical processes – to reflection, refraction, absorption, dispersion, radiation, etc.

Conditions of exposition of products of painting also demand the accounting of many optical laws.

In the fine arts, and particulars and in painting, in each specific case – the phenomenon unique, and it is impossible to reduce art creativity to the scheme. The artist creates not under recipes, almost each artist has creative technique, creative principles, the secrets of skill quite often based on intuition. In creative process rather important role belongs to intuition. In materialistic understanding of intuition, to sudden ?inspiration? of the artist precedes the job of consciousness hidden from the author, organizing and subordinating certain laws external, apparently, chaotic impressions.

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