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Right Placement Of Keywords In Articles.

Why do we need keywords in the text? First, the key words are needed for the user to be able to find your article in a search engine. Sites for people are based on the fact that the user will be able to find the required content, not the search engine will give the information that is convenient to administrator.

Second, the key words in the text can be written not for people, but for the PC, for their deceit. In short, this is done on the doorway pages, where you take a non-unique content and insert keywords it in to help the site appear in the issue, and as a consequence, generate revenue for administrator (or optimizer, web-master).

On sites for people, as a rule, the text of articles is written so that it will be primarily interesting for customers. After that, if a web-master wants a good effect of the work done, he need to place keywords in the article so that they, firstly, will be organic in the text; secondly, search engines will like them, and thirdly, they should not be a half of the text (that article must not consist only of the keys).

Therefore, a competent optimization of the article gives a very good effect, both in terms of traffic from the PC, and in the form of happy visitors that came from the PC.

The purpose of the proper placement of keywords is to choose the method of their inclusion on the page, increasing the relevance of the page.

Relevance – is an assessment of the page, calculated by each search engine under a special algorithm. Relevance determines whether the information in the HTML-document matches the request of the user, performing the search.

Roughly speaking, the relevance – is evaluation of search engine to what extent key phrases correspond to the topic page. A general rule – the more relevance of the keyword, the higher position of the page in the results of search engine is.

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