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Quality Article Marketing

The online business foundation will usually be quality relevant content written and updated frequently. People use the internet as a source of information on a subject so if you have an expertise it is possible to publish work on whatever you are an expert on and earn money online with this information. One necessary attribute for anyone wanting to start an online business is the ability to express ideas clearly and in written form. The most frequent expression of this is simple articles usually 3 to 5 paragraphs long and under 600 words in length. Of course articles and writers will differentiate from this, but on average this is the average article. You may be thinking to yourself that it sounds easy to write something so short, but the reason it is so short is your audience will usually expect updates frequently which means you will be writing one of these articles daily. Personally one thing I do to lighten the workload is write up to five articles in a day then have a few days off submitting the articles I have saved up after each day passes.

When marketing content you may get hung up on the number of links possible. Content is the absolute best way to build links and gain search position. The problem is people don’t understand that who has the content is building trust with their audience and will be running the most successful business. You need to publish whatever you write on your own web presence first so when Google finds it they will rank you for the title rather than the article directories you publish the article on. Before you begin submitting to article directories or other publishing programs you need to check Google and see if they have indexed the piece on your presence. To find out if the article has been indexed just type the URL of the page you published the work on.

Once you have the work published on your presence and indexed within Google it is time to begin marketing the content. The most common way to market an article is by submitting it to free article directories in an attempt to boost serps position and direct website traffic from the article directory. There are many article directories out across the web some of the more important ones include,,, and These are just a few which you should submit every article to. When trying to decide whether or not you should submit your article to a specific directory some of the factors you should think about include page rank of the directory and search engine placement for such terms as “article directory”, “free articles”, and “free content”. These are what publishers will be typing in to find content for their web presence which means your work will have a better chance to be republished.

There is of course much more to internet marketing and for a better understanding I recommend checking out a internet marketing ebook.

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