Online Campaigns, Online Advertisement and Common Sense

Practical Tips About Writing Articles.

Make a readable layout for your articles.

Firstly, do not specify a name and font size for general text of the article. It is always very convenient for those who will publish your article in their mailings and on their websites. Understand that the owner of every website or host of mailing will still adjust the font to the design of his publication.

Secondly, specify only bold, underscores and the slope for the text of the article. In some places it is allowed to change the color and font size if it is necessary to show the importance of a subtitle or section. But do not change the font and please do not abuse all of these allotments in any way. Ideally, you should not have any style or font names in the text – only marking of fat type, tilt, underscores, the items, very rare color and font size.

Thirdly, if you insert references in the article, be sure to make them open in another window. Such a link should look like as the name of the link in the html code. This will help you view the content of the site in a new window, then close it and return to reading the article.

Fourthly, write short sentences and separate the text into small paragraphs. This allows the reader’s eyes not to tire so quickly and not to lose the line on the monitor.

Do not make your articles very large.

If an advertising copy can be made very long, you have to cut the article as much as possible. The reason is simple – if a person is already interested in the offer, he wants to know more about what he will buy.

Readers of articles risk nothing and basically still have a fairly low level of interest. They are always ready to jump off somewhere on another web page. Many of them are just scared by a large size of the article. So try not to go beyond 5-7 thousand characters not counting spaces.

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