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Painting In The Interior. Decorate Your House!

Pictures in our apartment are not just one more decoration of walls, or a method to close a hole. The picture is like a wall tsarina, a joy for eyes and an indicator of your taste and style. If doesn?t mean if you have works of Rembrandt or Picasso, you should know how to place them correctly. Let?s find out basic rules about where and how it is necessary to hang up pictures.

In small rooms with low ceilings it is not necessary to hang up big pictures, because it is possible to estimate their color and composition on dignity only from distance of two-three meters. If you have some pictures, you can place them horizontally in one or two rows, leveling them according to a frame bottom edge or to the center. In the big room hang them out in any way.

The placing of pictures also depends on their sizes. Big, bright pictures are better to hang up in the eyes level. And small, with less expressive composition should be lower.

If it was considered earlier that the picture composition should correspond to a room functional purpose (in a drawing room – a landscape; in a nursery – a picture with fantastic topic), now designers do not stress on it. The main thing – that pictures caused emotions, conformable to character and a way of life of the owner. It is better to remove pictures, which cause feeling of discomfort, despite their art value.

If the room is oversaturated with furniture, it will be difficult to find place for pictures.

It is preferable to place pictures on walls with one-color wall-paper. Large and bright patterns are incompatible with pictures.

Illumination of pictures should be as much as possible approached to the natural.

How is to hang up pictures correctly?

- If you are going to place some pictures, at first cut out rectangles from a paper and fix them to walls pins. After you are definitively advanced with a choice, make marks in a wall.

- Fix a picture so that the top part has been slightly inclined forward. Then it will be better to look at the cloth.

- The picture will hang straight if instead of one fastening you use two (a cord it is possible to replace with a metal wire).

- On ladders and in small rooms it is possible to hang up a landscape with image of deep water. It will visually make a room more spacious.

- The grey inexpressive room will be recovered by a bright picture, which furthermore can become the composition center.

- Before to hang up a portrait (especially in a bedroom), think, whether it will irritate you.

- To avoid effect of a mirror, use special glass for a picture.


Frame for a picture – as if clothes for the person. It should correspond to the size, color of a picture and style of a room. The cloths written in oil are not placed under glass. For modern pictures will be good smooth color frames, and for ancient – carved gilt. Graphic arts are not inserted into wide bronze frames, and usually place on passe-partout. Color of the passe-partout should be in harmony with color of a picture and a frame.

Take good care of your pictures.

Wipe pictures with a pure flannel, clean with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush or sweep away a dust with a special whisk. Do not forget to do it from a backside also. The grown dull gilt frames will begin to shine as new if to wipe them with flannel moistened in a weak spirit solution.

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