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Main Rules Of Writing Articles.

In this post I want to share my rules of writing articles. These rules are suitable for bloggers and for those who can write an article on order.

1. What is the optimal length of the post?

When they say that publication should not be too short, it is not defined what it means. For myself I took it a habit not to publish a post in which less than 300 words. Let me explain why: there is Twitter for short notes. Using short records, it is harder to break through in the top of search engines, especially if you touch not one narrow niche in your blog. When attendance of the blog is high and there is a steady stream of visitors – you can try different variations.

2. How many keywords should be in the article?

The answer is the same everywhere – no more than 6% of the post. I do not think that you should calculate how many keywords you use, whether you have used them to place there. It is understandable that you want to be as high as possible in the search engines. But you’re writing for people, not robots: the main thing is that a visitor can read what is written in your publication. There is one more thing: for me it is not only important what is written in the article, it is important what the reader will read.

3. How to optimize an article for the search engines?

Use the keywords of the most advanced search engines. This will help you not only optimize the article, but the website / blog as a whole. You can even learn the words synonyms that are used by customers when searching for information they need. Actually, often look into the help of key words – it is a very useful thing, the quality of your optimization will rise to a new level. Check out what sites Google considers convenient.

The Internet has become a very popular source of information and a number of online services. It provides one for a space to keep their data in Online Storages so that one has access to them from any place with the Internet connection. Others are looking for chocolate chip cookie recipe and a lot of other various info. Moreover, if you are good at article writing, it can turn into your regular job or the instrument to promote your business. Sites like wordpress article directory would be of great help for this. The online technologies offer many instruments for different activities.

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