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Let?s Compare Rewriters And Copywriters.

In fact, the concept of rewriting and copywriting is supposed to be quite a mysterious thing. I mean that these two somewhat similar writing activities are so closely intertwined that at times it?s very difficult to distinguish one from another from my point of view. I?d like to find put whether there are essential distinctive features between writing and copywriting or not. Let me share my thoughts with you right now.

I think that we aren?t going to refuse of having disputes about what is copywriting and rewriting in the nearer future because people are sincerely interested in discussing this matter. There?s no wonder about this natural interest because both copywriting and rewriting are considered to be promising ways of making money online. Correspondently people want to know about it more. So it?s not a surprising fact different people have different criteria defining copywriting and rewriting.

First of all I?d like to stress that regardless of whether you are a copywriter or rewriter, you should take into account criteria accepted by your customer. Perhaps there?s no need for me to remind you that your customer is always right!

If we turn to official sources, then we can come to a conclusion that copywriting is just an unique narration, similar to those texts widely spread on the Internet. In fact you can check it by yourself. For this purpose you should look though articles on some topics you. I mean articles given by search engines. As you can see the vast majority of these articles can?t be considered to be unique. On the contrary as you can see they are just clones of each other. I tell you seriously that they are really clones and you should take it into an account. From my point of view this can?t be considered to be morally especially when taking into consideration the fact that these articles have got a certain commercial potential.

Currently many webmasters are likely to raise their requirements for content. In other words they want to deal mostly with unique texts rather than with clones. As follows from this copywriters are facing new challenges now. The main task for all copywriters now is to create such texts which could absorb readers entirely. Moreover these texts should not only absorb but motivate Internet users to buy products on corresponding websites.

Now it?s high time for me to answer your question concerning the difference between copywriting and rewriting. Yes this difference really exists. A rewriter needs only to write interesting texts for readers and nothing else. As I have told above a copywriter should also write absorbing texts but he?s got one extra burden. The matter is that his texts should be also ?interesting? for search engines. I think I?ve explained it in the right way.

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