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Learning To Write Texts For Websites.

Most of the information we get from the World Wide Web is presented in the text form. However, texts for websites differ from those ones used in newspapers, literature and so on. In this case the text is specifically designed to be placed on a web page and there are special requirements for this. Like other elements of the site, it should facilitate the rapid and convenient perception of information.

Therefore, we can make some recommendations for the compilation of such texts. They are relevant to the sites of informational character such as corporate resources, portals and so on, but many of them can be useful for other categories of sites.

Try to write in a simple language. Avoid commonly used words. Do not use colloquial phrases and slang. Do not use technical terms, where you can do without them. Many sites, especially those ones devoted to modern information technology or software, are full of jargon. I think that instead of jargon you?d better use normal terms. The main thing is that you should realize that jargon reduce the status of the site and cause distrust.

But at the same time there?s one exception. If the site is focused strictly on the specific audience, it is permissible to use special terms or jargon that, if this contributes positively to the perception of information by the targeted audience. For example, on a popular website dedicated hardware it?s not advisable to use the phrase ?non-standard installation of the CPU clock speed? because it can annoy visitors. In this case you should use such words as ?acceleration? or ?overclocking? because people understand these words and they fit texts on this topic rather successfully. By the way it?s also advisable to provide users with corresponding online glossaries to avoid misunderstandings. Moreover in such a way you will show respect for the users which is also important.

As for phrases I can say that it?s advisable to avoid metaphors, allusions and implicit quotations. Do your best to formulate clear and unambiguous impression of your texts. Do not overuse humor because it is irrelevant where the user does not expect to see it. Visitors of community sites tend to view the text rather than read it carefully, so they can not catch the context and in such a way a misunderstanding is formed as for what you really mean.

Website designers are sometimes attracted to texts full of stylistic adornments, believing that it would give the site a special style and grace. But a beautiful artistic technique could be suitable for a novel or a poem but on the news website it looks completely alien to my great regret. As you can see these requirements aren?t so severe and it?s quite real to meet them. I hope you won?t have problems with your content.

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