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Learn How To Use Article Marketing To Guide Tons Of Free Traffic To Your Website While Generating Great High Quality Backlinks.

Article marketing is a swift and simple technique to get news and information to the public. That is also one of the best ways to steer traffic to your blog or web site.

Not merely is it great for driving traffic to you site, but it’s used by lots of website owners in their backlink building strategy.

Most article directories don’t let you to use the body of the article as a sales pitch, if you attempt to use it as one it will more often than not be cast off by the proprietor of the directory.

Your articles should be packed with informative information that helps solve questions people are struggling with. Then at the bottom of the page you’ll have what’s known as a resource box that you can place in your sales pitch and insert up to 2 links leading them toward your blog, web site, or a landing page.

There are literally 1000′s of article sites that you can submit your subject matter to. Though, not all directories will allow all content on them. For instance you might write an article relating to Network Marketing and there might merely be four or five hundred out there that will permit you to post to their sites.

The problem with article marketing is that it can be extremely time consuming. With thousands of article marketing sites it would be very nearly humanly impossible to submit to all of them. Not to bring up that search engines can’t stand duplicate content so you’d have to revise the article for every directory so that the subject matter would seem unique to the search engines. This is known as article spinning.

Luckily for those of us who do not love to do a lot of writing they have some pretty awesome resources and services out there to help us with this dull job. These are known as article submission services, a gift from above!!

I suggest using a couple different article submission services that way you get your articles submitted to different directories which seems better from the search engines outlook.

I also use another form of article marketing as well. This submission company submits to websites or blogs therefore not simply am I getting backlinks from article directories, but from theme related blogs and websites. This as well shows range for your backlinks giving your website further credibility with the search engines. One thing I genuinely like about this service is I can choose 4 or 5 URL’s that I can point people to that allows me to generate backlinks to more than only 2 locations.

What this does is if I’m having difficulties with one of my web pages not ranking well I can have numerous backlinks sent to it. An instant boost with the search engines. Through using at least two entirely separate submission services that uses two separate means of spinning articles I can generate one article and have it submitted all over the web creating hundreds of backlinks to my home page, a lower page on my website, plus a landing page of my choice, without ever having to worry about duplicate content.

For those of you who are not fans of writing a lot of material or just don’t have the time, I propose finding a good article writing service. Most are extremely easy to work with, and can generally have your articles complete in just a few days of submitting them. You obtain all rights so you can submit them using your article submitters.

If you plan on using them on your website I highly recommend that you make modifications to them so that there is more of your character in it. It’s very crucial that your guests get to be familiar with you. Remember Network Marketing is about building relationships and that begins with your content.

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