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Landscape Is Original Theme For Painting.

The landscape art is the description of natural landscape as mountains, valleys, trees, the rivers, and woods. Painting specialist subject – wide representation, with its elements arranged in consecutive structure. Though landscape, probably, not the main center of painting, landscape backgrounds for objects and the data can also be the important part.

The sky is almost always represented in landscape art, and you can also see weather more often – the important element. The landscape – representation, thus it has developed in cultures, which have difficult tradition and history of representation of other subjects in art. The most advanced examples of landscape art exist in the Western painting and the Chinese art, both have history more than one thousand years.

Early landscapes had imagined scenes though representations of city landscape represented actual cities with various degrees of accuracy. Various methods were used to model randomness of natural forms in the invented structures. Decontaminate, for example, the created forms of cloud from the crushed handkerchief, which has supported against light, and painter used casual stains of ink to generate the basic form of the invented landscape on which he has specified.

The majority of experts believe that painting, drawn by Konrad Witz is the first Western rural landscape. At first, artists would make drawings and watercolor descriptions of natural parameters of adjustment, and then would switch on them to make actual painting. Painting at open air or outside, didn’t become widely skilled to 1870, when the mixed oil paints in pipes and portable easel of box became accessible.

It demanded time in the history of art for landscapes to become the popular, established subject. Before 1700 landscape pictures considered lower in the status than portrait painting, which patrons tended to estimate more. The majority of pictures, which have represented things, which have occurred outside in the nature, didn’t concentrate on the nature directly, but on some case, which has happened there or in public or still life. The nature was background, instead of the center on painting.

Landscape painting goes completely back in 8th century in China where there is strong tradition of mountain water, the drawing ink consisting of only landscape. Landscape backgrounds became more difficult in China as centuries have passed while it didn’t become the classical and very simulated form of art. The Chinese landscape painting as during the Roman times, consisted of the big reviews of the imagined scenes usually supported with range of fascinating mountains.

A lot of technical expert appraisal is required to draw good landscape. Probably reason for this purpose consists that artists should grasp three-dimensional representation concerning two-dimensional place. Problems of prospect, color and structure should be overcome. When they were the main because of innovation and creative potential of artists, it became the important genre.

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