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It Is Possible To Earn On Art.

It is possible simply to put money in a bank and to wait until they bring an income. But it is possible to earn much more money by means of the art market. And during the last years private persons started to be involved in fine arts even more than the large companies.

Many of known today collectors began with zero: visited art interiors, consulted to experts, choosing their interesting style. Among the people who are putting up money in art, there are the most different: from mathematicians to financial analysts. They have managed to consider advantages of the given business allowing not only to put up money profitably, but also to have possibility to be among the fine.

It is considered that the most profitable is an investment of money in antiques because the given market is enough developed and has the already certain game rules. Thus the buyer has a confidence that the got picture will not go down in price unlike modern products, therefore they perfectly approach for investments of a long period. Naturally at the moment it is almost impossible to buy a picture of a brush of the great artist for a low cost. It is connected with the fact that the most part of works is already stored in private collections or museums. Even if masterpieces also appear in the market, their will cost considerable. Though thus experts do not give a guarantee about authenticity of product, therefore it is more preferable for a beginner to buy something less valuable.

According to the opinions of owners of galleries and dealers, recently not only sellers differ in high literacy, but also buyers who prefer to refuse purchase if authenticity of a picture is not confirmed. The best protection against fakes for today is the special certificate and consultation of experts. The greatest percent of experts is made by museum workers ? were or operating, each of which, as a rule, has a narrow specialization.

Modern art cost in times less than antiques though it increases quickly enough. However to the beginner it is uneasy to understand variety of the modern art which is presented by various styles: a drawing, a photo or products of abstract artists. Without a professional advice it is not possible to manage.

It can seem to any uninitiated that pricing in the market of modern works of art develops chaotically. Actually, according to experts, cost is defined by the established criteria. To begin with cost is influenced by not so much quality of a picture, but by the biography of the author: participation in exhibitions, galleries. If the part of products of the artist is already stored in known museums it already specifies in popularity of the master and accordingly does an investment of money more profitable.

According to experts, it is not necessary to search for ingenious artists in the street, not recognized geniuses do not exist presently. All of them were found already by galleries, presently not only art salons search for talents, artists constantly offer the products. Undoubtedly, at the moment the picture of the modern artist is much heavier for selling, however in due course investments into modern painting become more favorable, than in antiques.

In recent times the modern photo was appreciated, today more fashionable is figurative painting. Private persons most often purchase decorative art though Russia was considered the native land of abstract art. The photo basically is got by fans, trying to put up money in the most known names. And except the biography the product price is influenced by the level of the artist and its special thinking developing in a context of world directions.

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