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Is This Article Marketing 2.0? This Is A Game Changer!

Is this Article Marketing 2.0? This is a game changer?Power linking from niche-focused sites?Article marketing has been around for a long time in Internet marketing circles as a really effective means of drawing traffic to your website, building inbound links, and generally boosting your online visibility. Download this 15 page FREE Auto Blog Blueprint that can make $5K for you on autopilot. Discover Auto Mass Traffic Generation Software and prepared to be amazed.

However, the game is now changing … this is something you definitely want to know about …Despite all its benefits, there are two main problems at present with article marketing in its traditional form:

1. With the surge in the popularity of article marketing over the past two or three years, thousands of articles are now published each and every day … and your articles are in competition with all those other articles to get noticed and to get published in the really valuable places like popular ezines and niche-focused websites.

2. Because Google recognizes when an article on Site A is the same as an article on Site B and an article on Site C, the value of the link from your article to your website is really only going to count in just one of those places, regardless of how many times the article has been published.

I’ve come across a powerful system – in fact, I’ve been using it for months, but they’re just about to launch some powerful new functionality – that resolves both these problems in one foul swoop:

1. It gets your articles immediately published on niche-focused websites … powerful in itself, but they’ve added a unique twist to really ramp it up

2. You can ensure each and every site publishing your article, publishes a completely unique version – so every link counts

And it does this on top of all the benefits of more traditional article marketing … so your articles are also published on hundreds of article directories, sent to email publishers, and so on …Trust me … this is VERY powerful and the creme-de-la-creme of article marketing systems, allowing you to build massive publicity for your website.

They’re going to launch this in under a week’s time, but the best bit is for the few days leading up to the launch they’re allowing you to ‘lock in’ on their existing rates … as soon as it launches, the price for this system will go up, and you’ll effectively be ‘locked in’ on a big discount for as long as you continue using it.

That means you need to act now to take advantage of this … even if you don’t, your competition will. I highly recommend you take a look at this … you’ll thank me when you do?The guy behind this really believes in going over and above the norm to deliver value … that’s why he’s upgrading all his customers to this new level of functionality when they launch, at no extra cost to them. In fact, it’s a pattern he’s followed for years, which is why I don’t hesitate in recommending this to you. And there’s yet more functionality planned soon that you’ll get thrown in too … but you do need to lock in right now in order to take advantage!

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