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Is Article Marketing Dead After The Latest Google Algorithm Change

Download this Traffic Kaboom PDF FREE that shows a hybrid traffic strategy. Forget about the old ways of building backlinks and getting traffic from Google. You will have to totally change the way you have been building links using article marketing. Old article marketing is dead now! Join the Millionaire Society. Learn Cell Phone Marketing from Mack Michael who makes $320K per month with his cell phone. Yes, even some well-established content “authority” sites got their wings clipped. Claims of traffic plummeting 35% in just 2 days is not uncommon.


More than ever, it’s getting *more* difficult to grab top search engine rankings. Well, for some people it’s even EASIER now. Here’s why. For the past few years, two of my colleagues have been in the background quietly building their own Google-proof traffic source.

Best of all…This does NOT involve any *trickery*, black hat hocus-pocus or any of that usual nonsense. But, this DOES involve video and article syndication and a high-powered, mature network of sites that *FUELS* this search engine machine. Quite simply, there is nothing else like it.

Once you see how this works, all the recent fuss about Google *won’t* effect you, your traffic or your rankings one bit. It’s like you having…Google IMMUNITY! You’ll see what I mean once you watch this video:

Is Article Marketing DEAD? Is Article Marketing on life-support? I just watched this new video?Pretty eye-opening to say the least. Article marketing *hasn’t* kicked the bucket entirely. But, it’s definitely on life-support. Times have changed. This latest Google update makes it LOUD and clear more than ever.

If you rely on articles to get backlinks and traffic, you need to see this right away: More importantly, you’ll get the goods on how you can solve this problem. Starting today.

Jason Potash: If getting free search engine traffic is something you want *more* of…Do yourself a favor and download this PDF IMMEDIATELY: No email opt-in required.

Reading this report could be the *best* 10 minutes you spend this year. Seriously. With all the garbage that floods your inbox these days, this is *very* different and worth taking a look at.

How do I know for sure? Well, because I co-wrote it… along with my biz partner Jason Katzenback. :-)

It’s good and it works. A quick read too… only 16 *meaty* pages, but filled with unique strategies that you can use right away to boost your traffic and rankings. With the recent big Google shakedown, this is very *timely* info for you.

Before you forget and go check email or Facebook again, hit that link and download this PDF right now?On page 15 of the PDF, you’ll find *another* free download link that is simply awesome. Feedback has been fantastic. Even more no-cost, traffic-getting resources for you. Enjoy! I hope you like it.

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