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How To Choose A Picture?

Most likely everyone had such a desire when sitting in a cozy apartment and without raising from an armchair it would be desirable to come to be on any fantastic wood glade or under a beautiful birch at a stream, where the sun, caressing the rays it is poured by different colors of a rainbow through rustling leaves of a beautiful tree. Have you imagined? Fine, isn’t it so? But frequently not always it happens to spend time on the nature and so its caress, a landscape, color would be desirable. What to do? Purchase of a picture of a picturesque landscape in the interior always won a great popularity of wealth people.

And knowingly! However men of means are completely not silly. From pictures the certain charge of the energy directed on those and as other drive of a latent condition always proceeded. Internal condition influences your future affairs in your life. How to define, how truly to choose a picture? Many artists writing landscapes of the nature try to transfer all charm, realness of what they depict. But how to value, that painting which you have got is good or not? How to say “All true – it is simple!”.

The present value of a picture is permissible to estimate what a person has. “What is it?” ? you will ask. Everything is very simple: Feelings. Yes, yes! Impressions, emotions which are betrayed by a picture it is permissible to learn what it actually represents. If the picture causes negative feeling from within and as in general that does not cause even if in a case if this picture of the most famous artist then it is a picture which costs nothing.

At one time it was fashionable to arrange exhibitions of erotic art. Even turns were built in regional showrooms: public aspired to be convinced that poet Hlebnikov did not say lies, having said: ?Freedom comes nude?. In an erotic wave of that time any intellectual maintenance was not looked through. And those exhibitions were, frankly speaking, extremely poor.

There was at least without a deceit and without claims for a high art.

A new spectator generation cannot be got by erotic baits. What is the use from an exhibition in a nu genre, if there is only an elastic body and no drop of imagination? It is not that from a loin the philosophy necessarily should be born, but the spectator all the same would like to catch certain “surplus value”… In this sense the exposition of “nude” looks almost exemplary. On the one hand, the promised naked men and women are really present, and even at fair quantity, with another ? there is a possibility to occupy not only libido, but also other feelings.

The era was one for everybody, and here heads and hands are arranged in own way. The general denominator is deduced hardly that it is necessary to enlist pluses to organizers, instead minuses. To make a similar exhibition harmonious and conceptual would mean to go against a reality, obviously to simplify a motley picture. The human anatomy does not vary already for thousands of years; however at the sight it is subject to essential vibrations.

Well, to choose a picture is not an easy process. And the buyer should come to it with all the proper considerations and willing.

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