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History Of A Still Life As A Genre.

In the fine arts as a still life (from French ?natur morte? ? ?the dead nature?) is accepted to name the image of the inanimate objects united in uniform composite group. The still life can have as independent value, and to be a component of composition of genre painting.

In still life is expressed the relation of the person to world around. In it is that understanding of perfect, which is inherent in the artist as to the person of his time.

Art of object for a long time, even long before transformation into independent area of art creativity, was integral part of any considerable product. The still life role in picture was never settled by the simple information, casual addition to the basic maintenance. Depending on historical conditions and public inquiries, subjects more or less participated in creation of image, shading this or that side of plan. Before the still life has developed in independent genre, the things surrounding the person in ordinary life, only to some extent entered as attribute into antiquity pictures. Sometimes such detail got unexpectedly deep relevancy, received own sense.

As the certain kind or genre of painting, still life knows its raising and falling in the history of art.

Severe, intense-ascetic art of Byzantium, creating the immortal, is monumental-generalized, loftily heroic images, with unusual expressiveness used images of separate subjects.

In Old Russian iconography also played big role those not numerous subjects, which the artist entered into the strictly initial products. They brought spontaneity, vitality, and at times it seemed open expression of feeling in the product devoted to in abstracto mythological plot.

Also the still life played the big role into pictures of artists of XV – XVI centuries in Renaissance. The painter, who has paid steadfast attention to the world surrounding him for the first time, aspired to specify place, to define value of each thing serving to the person. Household articles got nobleness and pride relevancy of their owner, the one to whom they served. On the big cloths the still life took usually very modest place: glass vessel with water, graceful silver vase or gentle white lilies on thin stalks huddled in picture corner more often. However in the image of these things there was so much poetic love to the nature, their sense is so highly spiritualized that here it is already possible to see all lines, which have defined further independent development of the whole genre.

Subjects, material element has received in pictures new value in seventeenth century – during the epoch of developed still life genre. In complex compositions with literary plot they have taken the place along with other heroes of product. Analyzing products of this time, it began possible to see what important role still life played in picture. Things began to act in these products as the main characters, showing that the artist can reach, having devoted to this kind of art the own skill.

The subjects made skilful, hardworking, wise hands, bear the impress of thoughts, desires, inclinations of the person. They serve to him, please him, and inspire real pride.

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