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Frame Has Great Importance For Picture.

Great artists of different epochs not only paid huge significance to a correct choice of a frame for the pictures – they did sketches of elements of a baguette or even produced it. Leonardo da Vinci, for example, considered that ?the frame creates a special aura round a picture, it should not be just a frame – it should be with it as a unit?. Probably, it is necessary to listen to great Leonardo?s opinion and to approach to a choice of a frame with all gravity. It is unimportant what you wish to frame, it is important, how to make it. Frankly speaking, it is a difficult problem. On the one hand, the frame should underline originality and individuality of a work of art, and with other – to be the high-grade element of a decor consolidating with the image and that interior in which it is placed.

It is possible to insert in a frame almost everything: a picturesque cloth, drawing in a coal, an ancient engraving, an embroidery, a mirror, historical documents and letters, antiquarian jewelry ornaments, monetary denominations and coins?

The choice of a baguette is very responsible task. Therefore, there is a sense to bring pictures and posters, which you intend to frame, in a workshop: it will be possible to apply samples of a baguette and passe-partout to images and to see how they are combined. It can be done only in the event that it is a question of not very valuable products. Safety of a picture is one of main problems of the owner. Certainly, it is not desirable to carry it out on street unpacked. The dense paper, packing cardboard and a polyethylene foil will help you to save your picture outside. It is difficult enough to restore the damaged canvas independently. And the graphic products executed on a paper, are sensitive to moisture, sunlight, an urban dust. It can ruin all both modern product, and, especially, antiquarian work.

So that it is better to invite experts to home, especially if you have either valuable, or the big picture, or simply do not risk to carry it in a workshop and back. Many workshops grants complete service – from coming of employees to the house for measurement and delivery of a finished product to installation of the picture on a wall.

Depending on what method was used to create the work of art, and also from its sizes, color, a theme and other data are chosen the style of a frame, color, a profile, an ornament and baguette height. It doesn?t matter what you have preferred – intricate motives in style of an epoch of baroque or a strict aluminum framework, – mentally place it in the interior not to be surprised to result. If you are hindered with a choice, naturally enough to ask for advice of employees of a workshop – in most cases, there work people with an art education.

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