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Do You Want To Make Modern Painting?

The times when art paintings were only in museums, churches and palaces passed long ago. Nowadays you can see art painting everywhere from museums to offices and hospitals. Of course you can see the works of famous artists and the pieces of painting, created hundreds years ago, in museums and private collections only, but modern art painting can be seen practically anywhere. It is not necessary for you to be a real connoisseur of art to enjoy art painting. They are beautiful to look at and looking at some pieces of painting you may wonder on how they were created. Artists have used different techniques in painting and the art has been popular for ages. Even a person who is very far from the world of art knows such names like Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Salvador Dali etc. If you want to try yourself in painting you should learn about the techniques in painting and the works of the artists who used the technique you think is close to you. There are also some steps which can help you to start.

First of all you should determine of what you are going to draw. You have to plan out, to have the proper visual on your idea before you start choosing the material to start with. Your painting will not become a success if you do not know exactly what you are going to do. Take some time for this planning, analyze and think of what you want, you also should think of all details you want to put into the painting.

You have made the plan, everything is analyzed and planned, you have thought and now you know clearly what you are going to do, so now it is high time to get the materials you need to start your modern art painting. Have you done paintings? If you have then you must know what you need. Consequently, take time to make drafts on the main part of your painting to organize the tonal excellences after you have sorted the necessary materials out. IT is important to organize the tonal excellences because they are the center in starting off the painting and you will also get an idea of how large is a certain part you are going to paint. For making drafts you can use pencils, oil paints or even charcoal.

After that make oil drafts onto your painting. Oil drafts are used to experiment with different color schemes in order to find the most appropriate color scheme to use in the painting and you won’t have to apply it fully throughout the painting.

These are only common things you have to do in paintings, and there are still a lot of things to learn. But if you are just going to have some fun and you are not carrying ambitious plans to become a famous artist, you do not have to learn all this science detailed. Enjoy what you do!

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