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Build Your MLM Leads Correctly… Mike Dillard Is Right.

Title : Mike Dillard is Right. Create MLM leads the right way.

I have been getting Mike Dillards’ (of Magnetic and Traffic Formula fame) stuff for many years now. I have recieved most of his programs.

The note that he sent out this morning was right on the mark. My experience in MLM and online marketing suggest that it is VERY DOABLE for people that really put their mind to it.

The problem is that people just don’t work at it. So far in my experience, I would have to agree with Mike Dillard.

His “attraction marketing” concept really turns mlm lead generation “upside down” from the marketing perspective and really is the “only” way to market correctly.

Attraction marketing suggest that anyone should become an “Expert”in a topic, and that people will naturally be attracted to the Expert. Now I didn’t want to go into the all of the details of that program, but let’s just suffice it to say that it works.

After studying and implementing this strategy for a few years, I have to say that I am starting to see Exactly what Mike Dillard is trying to point out.

I’ll show you a few things that don’t work and why. (Now when I say something doesn’t work, that doesn’t mean that it never work(or that it won’t work in certain circumstances. I use words like never, and everyone; don’t necessarily mean never and everyone… but you get the idea) Interesting thing is, even if you do the wrong thing long enough, you will get some results……. I’m just saying fundamentally why these ideas are flawed…

Traffic Exchanges

I have two main complaints about traffic exchanges. Everyone there is playing a game of “My MLM is better than your MLM” Why is someone on a traffic exchange in the first place?. Usually not to “buy” someone else’s opportunity

Where is the skill, expertise and knowledge in clicking all day?. There is no skill in putting up your opportunity, there is no way to show yourself as an expert…(no expert 6 figure earners I know use traffic exchanges)

Spend all day sitting in front of your computer clicking on people’s websites? Is that the strategy there?? Over the years I have sponsored a few of these people… and determined, I don’t want those type in my business anyway.? Lets look at it a little deeper… Why are they doing that in the first place, why are they on the traffic exchange? I’ll tell you why… They are simply not willing to learn, grow and invest in their business. PERIOD

I can hear the complaints now… But Keith.. I don’t have any time or money to really learn how to market…. My response would be ok… Then you get to stay where you are in your development as an online marketer. Those people are hobbyist… As long as you continue to hold on to your excuses, that will work for you.

Are you showing yourself as an Expert by begin involved with a traffic exchange? NO.

The fish in that pond are just not biting. The ones that are, probably are not the type you are looking for anyway.

Company Replicated Websites.

Most people are using their company replicated websites incorrectly. I see people promoting their websites through a traffic exchange and I know that I’m dealing with total amature. After all we know that 97% of all MLM’ers fail… If you really want to be branded as the expert, you have to come off as an expert. Most people mistakenly think that their Company is the expert. That strategy just won’t fly. Why? No skill, ability or “expertise” in getting a companies’ website posted

As a primary promotion tool, it just won’t work. You’re website is like hundreds if not thousands of others… As a side note, search engines don’t like company replicated websites because of the duplicate content.

(Side note… For an excellent resource here is a Fantastic Article Marketing Seminar that you may want to implement immediately create some MLM leads for your business.)

Buying Leads

Yikes. I don’t know how much money I have spent buying leads. I have had a little success in buying leads, but it really just doesn’t work. Many thoughts come in my into my mind about buying leads. For me those questions are… How many times is this lead being sold? How did the lead come to be? How was it made? How old is it?? Is the lead a real lead, or are they just surfing the internet because they are bored?. was the lead “paid” to fill out a form online? Did the lead even put accurate information into the form? How can you prove that it is accurate if the person never responds?

These questions can not be answered favorably by lead companies..

In conclusion…

Mike Dillard says there really is no easy way. You have to put in the work to brand yourself as an leader. If you truly want the things that successful online marketers have, you MUST do the things that sucessful people do.

Are you serious? Are you really ready to embark on a learning curve and implement what you learn?

Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring is really some of the best foundational material becoming an expert.

For additional information on how to get your mlm lead generation machine going very inexpensively…

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Article by Keith Jenkins.

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