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Before Choosing A Submission Service There Are 4 Article Submission Questions To Ask

Are you trying to find a good submission service that will help you use article marketing and help you achieve the maximum results with it? Before you can choose a service to use, there are 4 article submission questions that need to be asked to help you find the right service.

Below are the top questions that have to be asked before you can make the smart choice.

1. Are the directories that the submission service uses well known online? It is important to make sure that the service you choose will submit your articles to every well known directory online that they are able to.

If they don’t, then using their service is going to be a waste of your time and money because you will not get the results that you want from your marketing efforts.

Always find out what the big directories are and then ensure that your article will be submitted to that site by the service you choose so you can get the maximum results from this marketing method.

2. Will Google and Alexa index the sites that the submission service submits to? Before choosing any service to use, this is something that you have to know up front. If your site will not be indexed by these two sites, then you are wasting your time and money again.

3. How soon are your articles distributed to the different directories? This is essential to find out because articles that will be blasted out to hundreds of directories all on the same day is going to waste time and money for you also.

The search engines like it when articles are submitted to directories over a period of time. This looks more natural to the search engines and it will prevent them from considering your article marketing as spamming with articles.

Spamming with your articles is one of the quickest ways to get your site black listed with search engines. Always make sure that the service you use will submit your articles over a period of time instead of all at once so that your site is not black listed and so you can achieve maximum results from using this method.

4. What is the price for using their service? Since you need to understand what it is going to cost you to use their service, this is the most obvious question that needs to be asked. Be sure you find a submission service that is easily affordable for you.

These are the top article submission questions you need to ask before you make up your mind on the service that you will use. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a submission service without first asking these questions because you can find that this will have a negative impact on your business, instead of the positive one you were aiming for.

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