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Becoming A Successful Bum Marketer – Facts You Should Know

Bum marketing is a unique money making method that is ideal for those just starting out because it only takes a few days for the first profits to start coming in. Despite this, there are still plenty of internet marketers who are having a hard time getting bum marketing to work for them for a variety of reasons. In this article we will be looking at how one can make a profit from bum marketing. When you finish reading this article your knowledge of how to make bum marketing work will be greater than 95% of other marketers.

Use a Pen Name: If you plan to submit your articles to article directories, you should use a pen name. The reason you do this is that if you’re going to use bum marketing it is unlikely that you’re going to stick to just one niche. This is exactly why having a pen name for each of your niches will help you stay focused. This is also good because, it keeps people from being able to find each of the niches you target just by searching for your real name. You’ll also make yourself look like an authority who is focused on one single niche, rather than writing about everything under the sun, which will make a good impression on your readers. There’s quite a lot that you can do just by taking care of these kinds of little things since they really do matter in the long run. Have an Interest in the Niche: You want the niche you are targeting to be interesting to you so don’t pick any old product to market but something you like. Your niche research will be what you base your decision on whether to promote a product or not and you will have a tough time creating articles for a niche you find boring or are unfamiliar with. You have to focus on choosing only those niches for your bum marketing that you are able to connect with. Don’t just go for a niche if you find a product in it that pays a high commission – your focus shouldn’t be just money, but something more than that. The easier it is for you to write about a particular niche market, the more articles you’ll be able to produce for your bum marketing campaigns.

Create Your Own Blog: If you are producing lots of content for a bum marketing campaign, it makes a lot of sense to build a blog of your own to make sure that your content gets lots of mileage. You don’t even have to bother with your own domain names, just use the free blogs that are offered through and Because you target a variety of niches with bum marketing you now have the opportunity to build a variety of blogs and create your own blogging empire. Search engines happen to love blogs so when you take this particular piece of advice you are able to generate a creative edge for yourself. This will help you get even more traffic because sending regular content to your blogs helps you just as much as publishing in article directories. Bum marketing is a money making strategy that is here to stay, but as time goes by, it’s going to become more difficult to make it big with this method, which is why you should focus on balancing quality and quantity with the articles that you produce. For additional info visit the internet marketing tools site of

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