Online Campaigns, Online Advertisement and Common Sense

Articles Must Bring A Real Profit.

Before you write an article – find out exactly the extent and amount of real interest to the topic raised by you in this article. Articles – is a free way to advertise and attract a good targeted traffic. So everybody started to write! And people write a lot of things.

The secret – write just on the topic which today it is impossible to touch, because it is very hot. And all the authors who write correct articles always push off not just from his own thoughts and ideas, but from real analysis of the actual market situation and communication with their target audiences.

Principle – “first find out what people need, and then give it to them” – works not only in the production of commercial products, services, it works absolutely anywhere and anytime, including when writing free articles. Remember it. The only area where you can place your advertisement – is the end of the article.

If you try to sell anything at once without first return of something free, then 95% of your potential customers will flee from you without batting an eye. They will run away from you forever! And if you give first a lot of benefit and do it for free, then people will be filled with sympathy and trust to you, because you’re “such a good and kind person who helps others solve their problems.”

That’s why if your article is fully assembled on how in the given period of time to bring real benefits to your target readers, on advices and constructive suggestions, on the analysis of a problem and its solution, customers will read the article and then also will recommend to others …

The conclusion is simple – do not advertise in your articles, do not describe the advantages and benefits of your own or others’ products. Leave it for advertising texts. Article – is a free informational material, which bears the same goal – to share something important and valuable to the reader for free.

The Internet has become a very popular source of information and a number of online services. It allows one saving their data in Online Storages to have access to them from any place with the Internet connection. Others are looking for chocolate chip cookie recipe and a lot of other various info. Moreover, if you are good at article writing, it can turn into your regular job or the instrument to promote your business. Sites like wordpress article directory would be of great help for this. The Internet technologies offer many opportunities for different activities.

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