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Article Marketing Tips

There are many forms of internet marketing that can help build traffic. Article marketing is different because when you submit an article to one of the major article directories not only will you get an immediate pay off from the article directory itself, but also a long term pay off because publishers will come read your article and publish the article with the resource box on their presence. This will lead to an unlimited amount of direct traffic from the one article and an unlimited amount of backlinks. The key to successful article marketing is publishing content that is unique and helpful to readers. Another important article marketing tip you should consider is making sure to publish the article first on your own presence. This will ensure Google will find the article on your presence first which means you will be the one to rank well in search engines rather than the article directories.

Before you begin article marketing it is important to have your websites up and running. Make sure you have monetization links so you will be able to make money online when traffic begins hitting your presence. Once you have all of this ready to go begin writing articles frequently. If you write one article and submit it to a few search engines dont expect to receive much traffic. The first article you write will probably not be very good. Successful article marketing takes a lot of practice. The more you write the better your articles will be and the more success you will see from each article. Personally I recommend writing one article every single day. This will ensure you have a good supply of fresh content to market which will really help your presence and you become a better writer.

When writing articles it is good to not only place the title and content, but also have the keywords for the article and a good summary. These are things that the article directories will ask for and will allow you to easily copy and paste everything you need to the article directory. Finding the right article directories to submit to will also be somewhat tricky. When looking for article directories the quickest way is by searching Google for “list of article directories”. This is a good first step to get a bunch right away, but for the main article directories you should submit to article directories that will be found by publishers. You can find these article directories by searching Google for such terms as “free content”, “free articles”, “articles”, and other terms you think publishers would use to find content for their presences. Some of the important article directories you should be submitting all articles to include,,, and All of these have high page rank and do quite well in the search engines.

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