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The best most effective marketing strategy online is article marketing which simply mean article submission to different blogs and article directories, and because article submission could take too much time and hard work, every and each webmaster and internet marketer must have a good reliable and effective Instant Article Submitter.

Article Submitter could be an a tool, service or software that helps you submit your articles to different kind of related blogs and article directories with an instant click of the mouse.

Article submitter will help you increase targeted website visitors to your offer page, and at the same time will increase your link popularity and increase your position within the search engines results page for your main search terms.

With article distribution you can build thousands of one way rich anchor text links to your pages, and that is the most powerful strategy to increase page rank and position on the search engines result pages.

However, to get the most out of distribution your Instant Article Submitter must:

1. Allow you to spin your articles, and create different versions of each article without rewriting the article. You need to create different versions of the article and submit each unique version to different website, in order to by-bass content duplication and assure that each link from each article will be counted on from Google and other search engines.

2. It must be an Instant Article Submitter, which mean that after uploading your article and information, then within one click of your mouse, you Instant Article Submitter must distribute your articles automatically. Some article submission tools are actually what we call semi-automatic, it only brows through some different directories and automatically log in then you will need to fill in the forms and click submit.

3. The Instant Article Submitter must be user friendly and publisher friendly, that simply mean that for users it must be easy to use, fast and cover the most important features of article marketing. And as for publishers it must be fully automated and can automatically detect the relevance of the article to the blogs it will publish it by categories and tags.

4. It must give you real statistics of your submission. How many blogs and directories have published your articles.

The Best article submitter that do all this and more is the Unique Article Wizard that build thousands of unique articles from your article and submit each to a related blogs and directories. It is the most powerful article submitter and link building tool online.

Look for good instant article submitter and start effectively submit your articles to blogs and directories.

You cannot affoard wasting all your time on spinning articles and manually submitting them to article directories, it will not work and it will not generate the results you seek.

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