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Article Marketing – How To Get Clickthroughs From Your Articles

Whether you are writing articles just for backlinks or not, at some point you are going to want to get people to click on your links. Articles on your own sites and also some articles that you publish in article directories and on authority blogs, such as this one will be written for the human reader and with the intent of enticing them to click on your link.

For some article marketers, the whole idea of getting people to click on their links in an article is a mystery. For some, it is the simple process of creating hyperlinks that baffles them and anchor text just doesn’t make sense. Of course, that is another story for another day.

You will find that the best way to format your articles for both article directories and also for publication on your own sites is to include links to where you want your reader to go is at the end of the article. Once you have peeked your readers interest and given them some information you might just be hoping that they will click on your link. But are you getting them warmed up and setting them up to want more from you?

When you are writing, think about how you will wrap up your article. Your entire article should be crafted so as to lead your reader by the hand downwards through your article. Each topic should build upon the last until they reach the end of the article. Trust has been established and interest has been garnered. There they are just wanting what you have to offer in the form of more information. Will they go for the bait?

Resource Boxes – Your resource box should be a conclusion of your article. The actual end of the article should not be up in the main body of your article and your article should flow into your resource box. In essence, your last short paragraph should be your resource box and where your reader can find a link to your website or your offer.

Many writers confuse this and include personal information in their resource box along with a link back to their site. While honesty is great, the chances of your reader wanting to read that resource box are slim and the chances of them clicking on your link is slimmer. Your reader simply cares more about themself and their own problem than they do about your website or how many cats you have or where you went to school.

Call To Action – Another major mistake that many authors make is to forget about a direct call to action in the end of their article or in their resource box. What is a call to action? While a good call to action can be something as simple as telling your reader that if they want more information they can click on the link to your website. But sometimes a firm call to action is needed or desired.

A firm call to action would include words like click here or go here or check this out here. Be blunt with your readers and tell them exactly what they need to do to get the information or the results that they are looking for. Your reader is bombarded with information at such a rapid pace that they are almost immune to anything but the most direct request or call to action.

Consider these changes and you will find that your click through rates increase dramatically. A simple, direct call to action can sometimes double your click through rate and bring your more visitors to your website from your article marketing efforts almost overnight.

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