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Location, Location, Location

There are a number of reasons why “where you write your article” is important when attempting the tough task of article marketing. The first obvious reason is traffic. Your article should be written or published at a site (location) with considerable website traffic, page views, and page rank.

Take Hubpages or Squidoo for example, they are both very popular. I can’t speak much on Squidoo, because I don’t use it, but I can speak on Hubpages. Hubpages has a few ways of forcing its members to be active, and visit other hubs, also Hubpages has a very high page rank.

This helps with your article actually being viewed, getting visibility in Yahoo, Bing, and the other search engines, as well attracting organic visitors,or in other words, people who actually are looking for the information your are providing in your article.
Its Not What You Do, But How You do It

So how did you write your article ? Was the title intriguing ? Did you make it funny, does it capture the attention of the reader ?

Here is cool example of one my crazy titles for an article I wrote at Hubpages.

Farting, Flames, And Your Blood Pressure

This hub is about Fart Facts, but that title [Fart Facts] wasn’t good enough for me, but you say something like Farting and Flames, then you got someones attention, lol. And yes, you can burn a fart because they are very flammable, so I am not being a deceptive in my title either. Make sure, that your content supports your article title.

The length of your article should match the interest factor and importance. Keep in mind, no one wants to spend all day reading a super long drawn out article, so try to make all your articles between 250 – 700 words. Over 400 words means you better have a damn good article that will keep em hooked.
What’s The Article About ?

The worse thing you could do is write an article that no one gives a damn about. If you write an article , you should know what your are talking about, and have it structured in a way to help, or entertain your user.

As in an essay, there is an introduction, body, and a close. Constructing your article this way will help you as the writer, and your reader as far as content direction is concerned. Generally, sales and affiliate links should be in the second half of the article, by then, the reader has shown genuine interest in your work, and the topic.

Search Engine Optimizing your Article

This one is easy, if you have followed the above steps your article should already be search engine optimized.

1. Your article should be published at a damn fine location.

2. Name your article with the keywords, like I did with the fart article at Hubpages.

3. You are obviously writing an article based on a topic/keyword, so use related terms in areas where they make sense.

4. Integrate the keyword in the url/web address of the article.

5. Publish it !

I have to admit, I try to write all my articles on my own websites so I gain respect for having original content, but if you don’t have, or even desire having your own website to practice online marketing, then by all means, publish articles to other places with high page rank and traffic. Beside, it takes time to gain page rank so that may be best for you, and for me, in the beginning.

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