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Article Marketing-Are You Ready To Get Serious?

Many Internet marketers are questioning whether article marketing is worth it anymore now that Google has made changes to their algorithms again. I actually feel now is the time to get serious about small business article marketing.

Anytime Google makes a change it benefits some Internet marketers and hurts others. It comes down to your approach.

In this article lets discuss five things you can do to take advantage of what is going on in the marketplace.

1. Focus on fresh content. I personally think that every article you submit should be unique. The Internet is overrun with duplicate content and search engines such as Google and others are now focusing on improving this.

If you are going to submit an article to a large article directory such as do not put that article anywhere else online. This does not mean you cannot create unique versions of the article and submit them.

However it does not mean you want to duplicate your article submissions. If you do this you are only adding to the clutter and are part of the problem and not the solution.

2. Keep your blog content fresh and different. Do not pose the same article on your blog if you have already submitted it to article directories.

One good strategy is to write your article and post it on your blog. Bookmarked your blog post to various social directories using services such as Social Marker or Only Wire.

Then re-write the article and use the new version to submit to one article directory. Vary the directories you submit to and try and hit the top 5-10 over a period of time. This allows you to develop more back links and increase your reach to a larger audience.

3. Add more words. This is one big change that article directories are now requiring. Short articles are not going to be accepted.

For example, EZA has increased the minimum number of words to 400. is now requiring articles to be a least 350 words.

If you want to be serious about article marketing start thinking in terms of 500 to 700 word articles. Do not sacrifice article quality just to write more words.

Take this chance you are now given to create even better articles. Increase the number of words and the search engines and article directories will reward you.

4. Use Submit Your Article. I love this service. You can develop unique versions of your articles using their patented article leverage program.

You submit your article to them and then rewrite it to make it completely unique. It is possible to develop unique versions that are all most 100% different from each other.

When you do this you are creating content that is different from each other. It is then submitted by them to multiple article directories. This provides you with an excellent opportunity to have more articles published. This is a very strong small business Internet marketing strategy.

5. Work on your resource box. If your articles are interesting your reader will make it to your resource box at the bottom of the article.

This is make it or break it time. Your goal very simply is to have that reader click on the link in your resource box.

A well crafted resource box is very important. However, you can get more with less in terms of how long your resource box is.

Another thing to keep in mind is to vary the hyperlinked text and the website URL. This allows you to develop backlinks to more than just your home page.

It certainly is time to take article marketing more seriously. The opportunities to benefit from writing and submitting articles has never been better!

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