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Article Marketing And Going Viral

Text content has been one of the foundations of the web since its birth. People able to share information from anywhere in the world and people able to find content they need from millions of resources. When the web started a basic website was the only way to share content online creating the site with HTML was necessary. As the web grew there needed to be order with all the information being created. This is why article directories were created it allowed someone to create content and publish the content without having to create a presence or even having an understanding of HTML. Article directory owners understood that they needed to give webmasters and bloggers a reason to submit content in their directories so they allowed you to write an authors resource and place links to your websites.

The reason article marketing is one of the best forms of free internet marketing is when you submit content to article directories other webmasters and bloggers can come take your content and publish the content on their website or blog. When these webmasters publish the content they have to place the authors resource at the bottom of the article they publish. This means if you add links to the authors bio they will be published on other websites. When you create your bio keep it short with a brief description. I usually write: Written by ?my name? webmaster of ?my website? and ?another website?. A nice shore authors bio will not deter other webmasters or bloggers from placing it under the article. Be sure you do not give them any reason to decide they don?t want to publish your work on their web presence.

To get your article republished on websites across the net they will need to be of the highest quality and seen by many publishers. When writing an article you think would be good for reprint make sure you do your research not filling it with false data or opinion. Webmasters and bloggers will want accurate information on their subject and will since they devoted a website or blog to their niche they will probably be able to tell if your article is accurate of full of guesses and theories. Next you should understand that there are millions of writers out on the web and quite a few have skill. This means that if you want to get read and have your articles published across the web you will need more than one or two. Write at the very least a few articles each week and publish them in many article directories to gain maximum exposure. The main article directories you should focus on getting published in are,,,,, and These should build your exposure as a writer within whatever niche you are in. If you would like a list of other article directories go to Google and type in ?list of article directories? or ?free articles?.

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