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Article Marketing And Backlinks

One of the most effective ways to begin marketing a website, blog, or other form of online business is article marketing. This is personally my best source of web traffic because the visitor already knows me somewhat after reading one of my articles and knows what to expect when hitting my site. Building backlinks is a crucial part of internet marketing and for a new website the only way to get found. Some of the article directories are listed in the top 100 most visted websites so should be given special consideration when you begin marketing articles. There are a couple downsides to article marketing. First is the amount of time and energy it takes to write unique content and the amount of time it takes to submit the content to article directories. The second downside to article marketing is when the article directories publish the article you may be receiving credit and a link back to your presence, but they will be ranking well for the article title and be receiving 100% of the revenue generated from the traffic your article brings in.

One important thing to keep in mind when you write content is it will be wanted by someone somewhere and has the potential to earn money. Do not take this for granted and let article directories have first crack at your article. Right after you write an article be sure to publish it on your presence first then after Google finds the article and indexes it you can begin marketing the article on the different directories out on the web. To check and see if Google has indexed the article just search Google for the URL where the article resides. For those just starting out this will not be an option since your brand new presence will not be indexed anyways. If this is your situation just publish the content on your presence and immediately publish it on a list of article directories.

To succeed with article marketing you must understand the power behind it. The simple concept of content being king should be what you keep in your head. Content is worth backlinks and in our world links are the same as cash and usually more valuable. When you submit your content to a directory you are allowed to leave a couple links in the resource gaining 2 backlinks directly from the article directory. This is only the first and most immediate payoff of submitting content to an article directory. The true power of article marketing comes from the publishers that visit the article directory. If you do a good job creating the article and making it truly unique and useful it will be picked up by many different bloggers and online business owners. When they publish the article if they don’t want to break copy write laws they will be required to place the resource box you provide at the bottom of the article.

Once you begin seeing success with your marketing campaign and you would like to monetize the traffic check out paying surveys there are many great affiliate programs.

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