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Article Marketing 101 – How Can I Write Articles Quickly?

Do you dream of knocking out articles in record time in your article marketing campaign so you can move on to bigger and better things? Do you hear of people who can complete articles in as little as 15 minutes and you think that this simply can not be possible?

I am here to tell you that it is possible to write very good, well thought out and informative articles very quickly if you know what you’re doing. This particular article took me approximately 20 minutes to write from the moment I thought of what I was going to write about to the last period on the last line.

There are really only two secrets to writing good quality articles quickly and you are going to kick yourself when I tell you these two things. The first is nothing more than practice, practice, practice. The second is the one that is really going to slay you and make you wish that you hadn’t misspent your high school years partying and hanging out with your friends. That’s right! You learned everything that you need to know to write articles quickly in high school.

Do you remember in school when you were taught how to write reports? Do you remember having to do book reports or reports on the Civil War or whatever topic your teacher pulled out of a hat? These same techniques are the keys that help me to bang out article after article quickly and efficiently day in and day out without becoming burnt out. And it all goes something like this:

Title – Your title is very important and it basically determines if someone will read your article or not. Spend some time writing titles one right after the other. Bang out half a dozen or more titles quickly. Use words that draw your reader in and make them want to read what you have to say. At the same time, make sure that your title reflects what your article is about. Lie to your reader and they will click away faster than you can say click.

Lead In Paragraph Or Two – I typically write two lead in paragraphs which state what the article is about or addresses the problem that I am going to discuss with the reader. Take a look at this article as an example. I got a bit carried away with my lead in paragraphs but I drew you in enough to read down to this point!

Topics Outline – I will often list out interesting topics ahead of time. Sometimes I will write twenty or more topics before I even begin to write. This is a way for me to organize my thoughts or keep track of different points that I wish to make in various articles. It takes no more than five minutes to write twenty or more topics down as they come to mind. Try it yourself! Just let your mind go and come up with questions or different aspects of a particular subject that you wish to write. Pick two or three of these topics and they become the body of your article.

Lead Out Paragraph – Your lead out paragraph simple restates what you have already discussed. Perhaps you hit the high points and restate the problem that the article is intended to resolve along with some of the topics that you discussed. All of this leads downwards in your article to the solution which is in your resource box where the reader will find your link back to your site or your offer to further help them.

Resource Box Or Closing – Your resource box or your closing paragraph is where you ask your reader to take action, if you are writing for traffic. This is where you have your strong call to action and where you point your reader towards the ultimate solution to their problem. There is no need to be terribly wordy but you should try to push your reader emotionally with either a very strong call to action or a soft sell to get them to click on your link and visit your site. If you are simply writing for backlinks then carefully choose your anchor text and you are done.

This systematic method for writing articles quickly is what has helped me to free up time and be more productive in my article marketing. I used to spend hours writing and rewriting articles before I remembered what I had learned in school. This doesn’t have to be difficult and there is a reason why they teach school kids to write this way. It simply works.

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