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Art. Abstract Art And Avant-gardism.

Abstractionism gave way to the avant-gardism. Bright surge in this direction of a modernism has been in the end of sixtieth years. Avant-gardism is in the base of ideas of a counterculture of the hippie, who make the protest against everything, the protest for the sake of the protest. The avant-gardism is a substitute of art to which the beauty, concept fine, harmony is alien. Representatives of avant-gardism create between art and not-art.

As a result of it appear such kinds of art:

- Op art (optical art) – is ornamental-geometrical compositions;

- Spatial art;

- Earthen art;

- Art of new figurative sense;

- Pop art (popular art).

From these kinds of avant-gardism, the most known is popular art, or pop art. The artists working in this style use real subjects in the creativity: advertising, a photo, any other images, which have been pulled out from environment natural to it, and create from them any combinations, trying to find interrelation, or without any interrelation. As a result there is a so-called artefact (it is artificial grouped composition, a design), instead of a work of art. This composition should cause certain associations, emotional experience, arising besides art impression.

The Pop art has developed as original reaction to the abstractionism phenomenon, having opposed its extreme abstractness. The bright representative of pop art is R. Rauschenberg, the American artist.

The Pop art was showed as aggression to mass culture, having transformed art into a show, reflecting irreconcilability to the present.

From the middle of XIX century painting, the drawing, a sculpture address to that is inaccessible to the direct image. Searches of new graphic means, ways of the typification, the raised expression, the universal symbols, the compressed plastic formulas are more and more intensively developed. On the one hand, it is directed on display of private world of the person – emotional, psychological conditions; on other – on strengthening of corporal, material self-descriptiveness, on updating of vision of the subject world. Opening of the primitive and then traditional art resolutely changes representation about value of conditional forms in the fine arts.

Creativity – the most intimate, authentic, if it is possible to say so, way of self-affirmation in which the person is in great need. This requirement can be shown directly, about what testifies repeatedly increasing severe ways of the collective and individual statement of the exclusiveness.

Abstract art is the most accessible and noble way to imprint personal life, and maybe, in the most adequate shape – like a facsimile print. At the same time it is the direct realization of freedom. It is impossible to hate art and it is just possible to enjoy, adore it and get pleasure from it.

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