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Abstract Art Will Never Die!

In art everything is exact. It explains authenticity of art on a large scale. But art should not bear accuracy. The reason – is not present any clear rules. Rules in art depend on imagination of the artist as it advances the dreams that forms it gives to them and as it reproduces idea concerning a canvas with a brush, which lower in a paint.

Abstract art – the art form. As the name explains, pictures arrive under it, are abstract in the nature. It with what it is not connected, not representative, even thus that is a fair idea of figurative mind. Abstract art can be divided basically in two types.

- Figurative abstraction;
- Emotional abstraction.

As the name offers, figurative submission is symbolical submission of situations or ideas in method, which the artist comprehends. They simplify the validity, avoiding unnecessary details. The essence is kept for use. Emotional abstraction is submission of emotion, spirituality or a voice.

Movement of abstract painting has appeared in the mid-forties in New York. It by degrees received importance in the American art. When artists have started to trust in the harmonious arrangement of colors in submission of visual sensation, instead of the description of objects, the abstraction has started to receive outstanding position.

Later artists have raised movement in such a way which abstract painting has received the big importance. Artists believed that work of artists consisted in deepening secret instead of showing it. In abstraction only the concept mattered. The basic idea behind idea remains to the same.

Abstract expressionism is movement in which the artists applied fast, add a canvas without the big care of details, and thus displayed emotions and sensitive distribution on a canvas. Works of abstract painters have shown sense of haste, and interference of situations of a life as the risk or chance in application adds a canvas.

Some abstract artists even showed the mystical approach to a subject, but advancing their purposes and intention of clearly canvas. In general was considered that painters of an abstract expressionism relied on spontaneity of creative potential and submission of that to scale stream on a canvas.

The abstract expressionism did not concentrate on one theme; without delay it has concentrated on many themes or styles. It has concentrated on many ideas. Artists of an abstract expressionism have evaluated individuality and a direct ingenuity.

Abstract art has too many admirers and a lot of people appreciate the beauty and deep sense of abstract painting. It is usually so that if you like abstract art ? you will like it till the end of your life and if you don?t like abstract art ? you will exactly fall I love with it, if you look at abstract paintings more attentively! Enjoy abstract art and make your life brighter.

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