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5 Top Effective Article Marketing Tips

Writing and distributing your articles on ezine is probably the most effective way to get free exposure for your ebusiness.

This process will help you brand yourself as someone knowledgeable on your chosen niche, get free advertising for your products and services through your resource box, boost your page ranking, and increase your sales and profits.

Here?s how you can amplify your article marketing:

1. Solve a problem. Before you write your articles, I highly recommend that you get to know the pressing issues of your potential clients.

You can easily capture the attention of these people if you can offer them with content that will potentially help in improving the quality of their lives. Share a slice of your expertise and offer recommendations to solve a specific problem. Ensure that all the information you offer are based on facts so you can avoid misleading your readers.

2. Use attention-grabbing titles. One of your main goals in distributing your articles is to boost your open rate.

You need to get as many people as possible to open and read your articles. More readers will mean more chances of your resource box being clicked.

Spend more time when writing your titles. Are they interesting? Can they move online users open your copies? Are they keyword-rich? Are they thought-provoking?

Remember, 95% of your success in using this tool will depend on the quality of your titles so you better ensure that they will sound very effective.

3. Do your research. Aside from your stocked knowledge, you can also obtain additional information about your chosen topic by checking out reputable sites and resources just to make sure that your articles will be informative and content-rich.

Remember, the more information you share to your readers, the more valuable your articles will get and you will make money online.

4. Use relevant keywords. I am sure you would like your articles to become highly searchable online.

That?s the best thing you can do so you can easily connect with your potential clients. So, make it habit to do a keyword research on Google before you start writing.

Ensure that you include popular keywords all throughout your content.

5. Proofread. Everybody commit mistakes including writers. It is inevitable that your copies may contain grammar, spelling, and even factual errors after writing your first draft.

To make sure that these errors will not reach your readers? eyes, have your copies manually proofread before you post them online.

You can outsource at sites like and others at a very reasonable rate.

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