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5 Things You Can Do To Impact Your Article Marketing Accomplishments

Would you like to accomplish more as an article marketer? It only makes sense that if you are going to spend time writing and submitting articles you might as well maximize your accomplishments.

Here are 5 things you can do that really will have an impact on your article marketing efforts and help you make money online.

1. Structure your articles for the Internet. Writing articles online is different than writing articles for other types of media.

Most people scan articles when they read so keep your sentences short. Also limit the number of sentences per paragraph to no more than two long sentences or three short ones.

Highlight your key points by writing numbered lists articles or including bullet points that make it easier for the reader to view. The overall number of words needs to be around 400 to be accepted by most article directories.

2. Submit to the main article directories. You can Google search “top article directories” to find sites that rank the directories by page rank and Alexa ranking. If you can get your articles into the top 5 or 10 that will really impact your business.

There is more emphasis on unique content right now. If you can afford $47 a month join Submit Your Article and use their patented Article Leverage Program. This is a great way to create unique versions of your articles and submit them to all of the top directories with one click.

3. Article writing is a numbers game. Nothing can impact your article marketing results more than increasing the number of articles you write.

Learn how to write articles in less than 30 minutes. Because I am a terrible at typing I use the Dragon Naturally Speaking software. I dictate my articles which allows me to complete them faster.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that a small number of articles will get the job done. Be committed to writing as many articles as you possibly can every day and this will really pay off for you on a long term basis.

4. Write tightly focused articles. It is a good idea to keep your articles focused on one theme. This is a great way to write an outstanding article that your reader comes away thinking they did not waste their time.

5. Create a killer resource box. When I first started out I looked at the expert authors on I studied their articles for the type of resource box they were using.

A good resource box does not have to be long to be effective. It should include your name, what you have the offer, a call to action, and your website URL.

Continue to rewrite this until you have crafted the perfect resource box. Then include it at the bottom of every article you submit.

Follow these five things and you will be amazed at how they impact your article marketing accomplishments!

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