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5 Simple Ideas To Improve Your Results From Article Marketing

Article marketing is actually something you can improve on over time. You can do this by becoming a student of this promotion strategy and implementing what you learn. This is not hard to do and anyone who is serious about their Internet business should be doing.

Here are five simple ideas to help you achieve better results from article marketing and help you make money online.

1. Study expert authors! You can go to almost any article directory and see who the top authors are. You are not interested in their name or article statistics. What you are interested in is the content itself.

The top expert authors have a definite approach to how they do article writing. Study everything from the title to the resource box on a handful of articles per author to see how you can become as good as they are.

2. A major emphasis on building a large keyword list. Implementing search engine optimization into your articles is very important. That will start by knowing what keywords you want to write about.

Once you have your list built you can begin to attack it and write articles for each individual keyword phrase. These are the phrases that your audience is using search engines for every day so you may as well increase your odds of them finding you.

3. Write about features and benefits of products or services you sell. Although you cannot write a sales letter in your articles you can stress features or benefits that a potential customer would be interested in.

This will help your click through rate when the reader reaches your resource box. The higher your click through rate is the more traffic you are driving to your site and the more potential sales it can bring to you. This is article marketing at it’s best!

4. Know the rules of the article directory you are submitting to. For example, the top article directories may be slightly different in what they allow in terms of keyword density and hyperlinked keyword phrases in the resource box.

To ensure that you get more of your articles published take the time to submit them right the first time. This is especially true for the top rated article directories that are getting the most traffic on a daily basis.

5. Go back and make corrections on any articles that are not accepted. Hopefully you will have a low turn down rate.

However, if the article is rejected it is worth correcting and having it published online. The more articles you have online the more potential traffic and backlinks you can receive from them.

Follow these 5 tips to improve the results you are getting from your article marketing efforts.

Jeff Schuman helps Internet business owners make money online. His Local Business Group website does small business Internet marketing for local business owners who do not want to write and submit their own articles.

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