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5 Practical Steps To Be Successful With Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the best ways to make money online when done correctly. As Internet marketers sometimes we tend to over complicate things. In this article let’s talk about 5 practical steps you can implement to be more successful with your articles.

1. Choose good topics. One of the best ways to write articles people want to read is to be timely in the topics you write about.

A good source for article ideas is Google Alerts. Subscribe to updates from Google pertaining to the primary keywords you want to write on.

I like to get updates from other people’s blogs and Google sends that to me everyday. When you see what people are currently writing about it gives you more ideas on things you can write about.

Another thing you can do is ask your readers what they want more articles on. If you have an email list send out a survey to it. You can also ask for feedback from your website and blog visitors.

2. Catchy titles. A well written title is the first step to getting people into the body of your article.

Attention grabbing titles are not hard to write once you get the hang of it. I like to refer to my email inbox for subject lines that catch my eyes. I will jot those down and put them in my swipe file for future use.

3. Write interesting content. A very simple step here is to solve a problem in the body of your article.

Articles and solve problems are always going to be in demand. If you write in an interesting style it will help you keep the attention of your reader.

4. Write a short but compelling resource box. You bio box can make or break you at this point.

Your goal very simply is to entice your reader to click on the link you have in your resource box. The best way to do this is to offer something of value, but let the reader know they must click on your link to get it.

5. Submit Your Article. This is easily the best online article marketing submission service today.

You can get your article submitted to hundreds of online directories, and ezine publishers with the click of one button. You can rewrite your article so each one is unique with their patented Article Leverage program.

You can preprogram your articles to go out at different times. This is a good time management strategy if you want to sit down and write several articles at one time, but space out when they are actually submitted.

These are five practical steps that will help you be more successful with article marketing. Writing quality articles, creating a good resource box, and getting your articles submitted are your keys to success.

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