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10 Minute Articles Review-Using Article Marketing To Promote Your Website

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There are lots of ways to promote your website, but using article marketing is one of the best. Not only does it improve your Google PageRank with the links it provides to your site, but it also provides you with direct clicks to your website – and that means visitors and potential prospects.

How do you start to promote your website using article marketing? Firstly you have to write an article in your niche or on the theme of the website. One can market to the article to your niche in general, and add a link or two to your house page, in order to a specific topic of that niche, and use the link to transmit readers and search engine spiders to some page on your website that pertains to that specific aspect. Then submit it to article directories for publication.

For example – one of those niches that are frequently used but that perfectly explain the idea – your niche is dog training. You can write articles on canine training in general, and the way to start training a young dog, after which give a connect to your home page. Search engines like google visit article directories often, because the content naturally changes often, and when they go to the directory, they find your link after which follow that.

By doing so, they call at your webpage on dog training in general, after which go to the links to the rest of your site from there for the specifics. Your website get listed on, say, Google, but may not appear high within the listings just yet because they don’t have sufficient backlinks to steer Google’s algorithms that your pages is extremely regarded enough. By utilizing article marketing to promote your site, you’re using a very inexpensive marketing tool that you could either use yourself, or did for you in a relatively low cost in marketing terms.

However, if you also include a hyperlink to some page in your site, then that page will quickly build its own Google PageRank points, and that is an important method to promote your website. Google’s algorithm discusses your website in general, and also the more pages that are listed, then the more authority your site will have, and the much more likely it will likely be to look when somebody is trying to find information on canine training.

So, while using dog training example, you should write and submit a few articles on training older dogs, badly behaved dogs, police dog training, training dogs for shows and so forth, if you also have pages relating to these facets of canine training in your website. That’s how you can market your website using article marketing towards the best effect: get links deep in your site and that will persuade Google and the other search engines that the site is definitely an authority in your subject or niche. For ‘niche’ read ‘subject’.

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Article Marketing is a good method to promote your website, blog or Squidoo lens, but you must ensure that your content is highly relevant to the topic of the page linked to from your resource. Not only that, but the title must compel your readers to read more and the article should lead them right into a resource that will compel them into hitting your link. Don’t believe that I mean you should click my link, although become familiar with a lot more about using article marketing to promote your website if you do!

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