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The Rudiments Of Generating An Adsense Weblog

Indispensable 1 – Adsense Blocks!
Obviously, stating the obvious, the first essential is the actual Google Adsense adverts. But, where do you put them and how numerous do you use?

With this system you might place 3 content units, 3 link units and a search function on each and every page. And surely if you put all of this in place then you are more potential to get loads of clicks on the adverts and earn far higher commissions? Wrong!

In fact it is better to keep all of your advertising blocks down to just 2 locations. Now one location might have 2 or 3 small content adds neatly placed together, if that is what you prefer, but limit the number of locations to only one or two about the page.

Why? Well too numerous adverts on the page will scare away traffic and make them more impending to press the back button than to read the page and click an advert. To get the best click through rates only position a couple of adverts in good positions without frightening your readers. Within your navigation and at the top of posts are as a rule good positions where masses of readers will see.

Important 2 – Adsense in your RSS
If you have not already done so, go to Feedburner and convert your RSS feed to their system. It is straightforward to do and they provide full instructions for most platforms. Use Feedburner gives you access to a lot of statistics, but better still with a few clicks you can quickly add adsense to your RSS feeds. Not a huge cash spinner, but it adds to the end payment!

Essential 3 – Masses of content
If you do not have heaps of interesting content, why would search engines send you heaps of traffic every day? Post to your weblog at least several times per week and make the posts original and interesting. You are writing the bait to get people onto your website. So make your posts good!

Indispensable 4 – Heaps of good navigation
Selection your recent posts on your home page and these will automatically be read by the search engines. But use the navigation space on the side bar for listing your most popular posts to keep the search engines interested in those posts getting most readers. Also, if someone reads to the bottom of the post then give them related posts to read and keep them on your web site, they may then click on an advert on the next post.

So the essentials are quite simple: use a couple of advert blocks, but not too loads of; include Adsense in your RSS feed; post often and make it straightforward to navigate about your blog.

Written by Keith Lunt. If you want to know more about setting up an adsense blog, or you need any help or advice regards adwords blog, just call in!

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