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The Difference Between Marketing And Advertising.

Marketing on the one hand forms the future, the future of the market and enterprises; on the other hand it is a tool to influence the market. It is the marketing that determines strategy development of the company, has a coordinating creative function – so that there are new products, new businesses, and new technologies. A marketing as a tool in turn provides the environment of relations with all players in the market – consumers, competitors, suppliers, etc.

Marketing always determines the most common, global approach to business and at the same time provides effective ways to influence the situation, so the marketing approach to business is inherent to all successful entrepreneurs.

What distinguishes marketing from advertising?

Advertising – is part of marketing, and probably the most noticeable. But marketing is not limited to advertising. Marketing tools are varied and are both within business and outside marketing performs a mediating function between producer and consumer: first, in the external environment finds a requirement, then materializes this demand in the workplace, develops effective communications with customers, gather feedback, uses for advertising, strategic planning positive ones, negative – to fix and upgrade the product … and so endlessly, in a spiral.

The challenge of marketing is to notice in a familiar environment that can be used to attract attention, improve the supply (of goods, services), maintain strong demand, increase consumption, etc.

There is one warning: do not use methods of traps, if you cannot justify their use of the best: service, quality, and special offers…

Is it true that in the first place the companies that have experienced any problems address to the marketing agencies?

No, of course, often addressing to marketing agency is associated with the development of business, with new challenges. The cleverest people address to such agencies, because they see deeper and farer, are able to predict the situation and know how to use all the opportunities that life provides. No wonder outsourcing in varying degrees is used by all major companies, because it is always advantageous to take effective measures first.

Who was the first start, he has a head start and more chances to win at the finish. In our opinion, the main thing is to know firmly where you go and not to stop. Know where to go – is to have a clear strategy. The strategy at first glance seems to be something abstract and compulsory, but if the strategy is formulated correctly, it helps to take decisions in each situation for each employee of the company. Small firms, where all employees are fairly closely related to each other, can have clear overall strategy, which is nowhere recorded, but in large companies the strategic priorities must be articulated and explained their importance, required performance.

Now one of the most popular strategies – “Client – is the main”, but it is only declared in 90% of cases, but decisions at all levels are taken rather convenient than the corresponding to the strategy. Strategies do not work because it is often no one except the top management knows about them.

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