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Stickers ?are Effective Trend Of Auto Ads.

Stickers – are the promising way of auto advertising. People almost daily spend a lot of time in the public underground or ground transportation (trolley, taxi, tram, metro) and suburban trains. Advertising on transport – is a powerful way to alert people to promote products in various public places, having the following advantages: it spread on vast areas, it has an impact on all social groups; you can deliberately select an audience with the help of election a motion path auto of transport; suitable ratio of high frequency, high coverage, the cost of auto advertising, quickly return of your investment. Make a conclusion: if you need effective advertising, transport – is the best place for its placement.

One of the most effective types of outdoor advertising is auto stickers. The stickers very often mean different labels – marking, guarantee, identification decorating applications, magnetic media. This auto advertising has clear advantages: a huge party issue of stickers for a short period of time, a large number of contacts, and the mobility of the advertising campaign, even in the city scale, the ability to calculate and create the shortest path to deliver information to people.

The undeniably financial advantage – is that advertising stickers (auto transport) gives a chance even to a small company which has limited budget make a marketing expansion in the market of selling goods and services, leaving rivals it far behind, though they use more expensive inpatient advertising, such as signs, sidewalk signs.

The main objective of stickers – is to attract glance, to ensure the perception of images, the text “casually”, so when creating them, they achieve showiness due to contrast, saturated colors and provide the content with hilarious, intriguing, sometimes shocking character. To get the result you want, use the advantages of screen, high-quality offset, the options of digital printing, as well as use various combinations of the final finish. Choosing between the “figure” and the classic offset, it is taken into account the circulation time of execution, the plot itself, the requirements for use, and sometimes it is taken into consideration the need of one hundred percent match with the color proof.

The key difference sticker from the poster – is its functionality. Since it is removable media of advertising information, you will have to provide the possibility of frequent updating of positions for advertising in public transport. To do this, in the production of stickers it is used not paper, which has a layer of glue, but easily rented a self-adhesive polymer film. If the stickers are designed to stick to the glass, then it is used double-sided stickers from crystalline material, made by special technology: stencil or “sandwich”. The use of self-adhesive films makes it possible under any circumstances (mechanical damages, the effect of temperature, humidity, UV radiation, chemicals) to maintain a beautiful appearance.

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