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Sound Advertising Information. Its Types.

Sound advertising information may differ on:

Origin: Live, recorded.

Live audio advertising can be called one of the oldest forms of advertising in principle. It was flourished at the time of the heralds, who, incidentally, earned good money and their choice was as a responsible business, as in our times the elections for deputies. Since it was not possible to broadcast commercials in radio, heralds time after time repeated their message, bypassing congestion of target audience on horseback. In our times live advertisement is found in the sellers of newspapers, seeds, small goods in trains and subways and ads that do not require multiple repetitions.

Live ads in high enough volume occur within the radio or television, when leading or participants list the sponsors or tell about a certain product or service. At the concerts, performances and show programs you can often hear ads about acting groups and their projects (concerts, CDs), and about the sponsors of the action. In general, the live ads are a dispatch of operating, hot information relevant to the moment of its utterance.

Scope: local, large-scale.

If a voice message sounds in a single supermarket or at the bus station, voicing the time and place of departure of buses, such advertising could be called local, because it applies only to the place where it sounds and mostly for those people who are in close proximity to the source sound.

If the voice message is translated into a network of supermarkets across the country, it is no longer a local call, because the target audience in this case is much more. If the vans with megaphones would travel all over the countryside with the message about the concert of the star, it can also be considered a large-scale advertising within this neighborhood. Widespread audio advertising can be called in the case if it sounds (simultaneously or sequentially) from more than one sound source, in different places, and the effect of its impact is intended for people that are within earshot of its various sources. If you hear the same ads in different places (regions, cities, countries) – it can safely be considered as extensive.

Place of the sound: internal (indoors), external (outdoors).

Advertising designed for sounding indoors is characterized by greater minuteness because it is heard more clearly in quiet room. When the radio sounds on the street, sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish sounds and words, since the radio is designed more for listening at home, summer cottage, in the office, in the car.

Outdoor advertising, sounding on the street or in public transport, tends to minimalism. Most often it is recorded on the quiet announcer voice. It is right. After all, it is very difficult to hear the details in the sound in a noisy environment.

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