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Make Easy Money With Google Review

I had seen Make Easy Money with Google (aff) being mentioned in quite a few spots and was pretty interested in reading it. Due a problem with something else I ordered I received a credit, so I applied it towards the purchase of this book.

Make Easy Money with Google is written by Eric Giguere who?s website can be found at He?s written a few other programming books, none of which I?ve read (not my subjects). The book has a companion website/blog
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The book is written in conversational style, with the author talking and explaining things to three fictional characters. Each has different styles, goals, and approaches to building a website with Adsense. While you will probably identify with one character over the others, all of them are important to the story. This approach makes for a book that?s very easy read and understand (KUDOS Eric!), and at just over 250 pages you can probably get through it in few days or a long weekend. In the first part of the book the authors spends considerable time and effort explaining how to register a domain, get hosting , build a simple website and publish it. In the second part of the book he goes into explaining the basics of the adsense program, how to get different size ad units, choose colors. He very briefly goes into design, placement, and keyword theory.

The Good: This book is very easy to read and comprehend. If you?ve never published a website before and want to learn how to do it, and make some money using adsense, this is the perfect book for you.

The Bad: If you have built more than 6 websites in your life, or are already meeting adsense?s minimum monthly payment threshold, there?s probably not much in here for you.

When all is said and done this is a good book, and is best suited for new or inexperienced web publishers, or people with little or no experience with contextual advertising programs. If you read some of the reviews from amazon or other places you?ll see this book isn?t well received by the ?techie? types who think it?s too basic, which is unfair, as I don?t think the book was intended for them. However the reviews clearly show there is ?demand? for a book covering advanced contextual advertising concepts, implementation and theory, if someone is willing to go after it.

How To Quickly Tell If Your Site Has Been Hacked

Have you ever wondered if your site has been hacked? Sometimes it?s hard to tell, because hackers try hard not to leave any visible tracks that make it obvious. More than once I?ve noticed that this site in particular has been hacked only because I was playing around with the layout of the site and looking closely at the HTML that WordPress was generating.

These days, however, there?s an easy way to check for hacking by doing a Google search like so: viagra

This works for two reasons:

1. Google crawls most sites very regularly
2. Hacked sites are used to increase the search engine rankings of other sites using keyword-targeted links to those sites

You can replace the term ?viagra? with almost any ED-related drug like ?levitra? or ?cialias?. Or more generic terms like ?online prescription?.

Note that your pages may still match these terms in Google even after you?ve eradicated the hacking, as it may take a while for them to be expunged from Google?s cache. You?ll still want to check the HTML of some of the pages that Google thinks have been hacked just to be sure, especially the inner pages.

As I said, it?s a quick test. Not 100% accurate, but a pretty good indicator.

Of course, if you regularly talk about Viagra and their ilk, this method won?t work at all?

P.S.: Getting rid of these links is important, because Google will definitely penalize your site if it finds them by crawling the site less often and dropping pages. You have to be vigilant!
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