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Little Is Often Better With Your Weblog And Pay Per Click

If you read the Adsense guidelines you will read that you could put 3 content blocks, search blocks and more all onto one page. And you are encouraged to put on as lots of locks of different varieties as you might fit. But, this might be a massive disaster! It is not true that by putting more Adsense blocks about your blog that you will automatically be able to earn more income. In fact, the opposite might become true.

One remarkable big advert
What happens is that if your blog contains too much advertising it will look like a huge advert. Sites depend on readers for their lifeline and need lots of them. And this means that readers need to be reading multiple pages, subscribing to newsletters and RSS feeds and coming back time and time again. And a visitor will only become a regular visitor of you weblog if they like it and trust it.

And that is the problem of a site that is a huge advert – you instantly lose the trust of the people who are visiting it and they may never come back.

What is the answer?
In fact, with careful planning you can really make a huge blogging income from Adsense with only a single block of adverts. Place a single block of adverts well and you might really make the most of the adverts that Google displays for you, without having to look like a huge advertising board.

The rule of thumb
A good rule of thumb to work to is to have no over two areas of advertising on your website, Each can contain several adverts, perhaps a mixture of Adsense and affiliate banners, but do not dedicate more than this to advertising. This will leave your visitors feeling comfortable with your site.

Make the most of the space you have
But this will merely work best with a litle care and attention. I know from experience that when I moved my adverts from the right hand column to across the top my click through rate increased drastically. So you need to put your main adverts where people will see them. That varies depending on your layout, but will typically include:

? in or next to main navigation
? across the top and left of the screen
? sometimes, within the content of your posts

Make it work for you
What will work the best for you? Unfortunately, there is no clear and sharp rule as to what will work best. However, there is stacks of evidence that too much will scare off visitors and reduce your click through rate.

The only way to see what works for you is to give it a go. Change your blog around and try different combinations, whilst watching your click through rate and how numerous pages visitors are reading on average.

Don’t let too much Adsense ruin your blog!

Written by Keith Lunt. If you want to know more about setting up an adsense blog, or you need any help or advice regards setting up a blog, just call in!

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