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How To Get The Effect Of Advertising In The Book?

Advertising in books is one of the best ways to appeal to the target audience. When reading the book, at the same time the reader will be familiar with advertising of goods and services provided in the form of modules on separate pages. And when you consider the ability of readers interested in these products and services buying decisions, advertisement in the book can be very effective. It remains to put it correctly.

Today not only books for the general audience contain ads. Advertisements are often placed in books for narrow specialists.

The list of advertised contain a variety of products and services. Publication literature includes books and book series, being prepared for release. Publications on psychology, astrology, healthy life – all sorts of courses, trainings, seminars, and schools. The special editions – spare parts, computers, digital photos, etc.

Choose the book.

The book, like any commodity, is bought by the target audience. It allows advertiser to place advertisement in publications directed to potential consumers of his products and services. For example, advertising the driving school in the guide for rules of the road – is a very effective way to appeal to the target audience of those organizations that teach driving vehicles.

Considering the book as an advertising media, you should take into account the circulation, relevance, popularity and credibility of the author’s scheme of distribution, additional activities to promote the book market, offered by the publishers. All this influences the effectiveness of advertising in the book.

Advertising space.

Advertisement is usually placed in a special unit at the end of the book or on the back cover, rarely – inset in any part of the publication. In addition, using fly-leaf – turn between the book block and binding, which usually does not carry any information. There are possible any inclosures in the book: a cup holder, bookmark, CD-ROM with information content, the magnet on the fridge, return card, pocket calendar, a plastic card.

The organization, funded the publication, receives the prestigious status of the title sponsor, respectively – the exclusive right to publish advertisement. Standard advertising package of the title sponsor means the placing of a logo of the company and the words “published with the assistance of …” on the front cover and title page, as well as an ad (or module) on the back cover.

Advertising in a format that requires changing the design of binding (inserts, booklets, and brochures) is used very rarely.

Advantages of books as advertising media.

1. The high degree of influence of advertising on the reader interested in the subject of publication and capable of taking buying decisions.

2. The long duration of promotion. It corresponds to the period of distribution of books – from several months to several years.

3. Expansion of the target audience through new readers (according to statistics two-three people use one book).

4. The possibility of ordering the publications on specific topics.

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