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Five Easy Ways To Make Your Free Classified Ads Stand Out Even If You?re NOT A Copywriter

You?ve finally decided to sell the sports car you never drive. You know – the one that?s taking up valuable storage space in the family?s garage. You did your study and found quite a few free classified ad sites and can?t wait to get started. The earlier you place the ad, the earlier you sell the vehicle. Right? Not so quick. Prospective buyers will only waste a few valuable seconds reading your ad, so make it count! Write something compelling, honest, and friendly about the item you?re advertising and the responses will start rolling in. Here are 5 effortless ways to make your ad copy stand out.

1. Write the way you would talk to a pal
The best sales people don?t talk like sales people. They talk like our friends. People don?t buy from sales people, they buy from friends!
Don?t struggle or bother to use fancy vocabulary or advertising language. You will sound impersonal. Just visualize the reader of your ad and write the copy as if you were chatting to him over a cup of coffee. What would you say? What questions do you think he would have for you? How would you answer? This will help you come up with a more natural approach that makes it easier for prospective consumers to connect with you. Here are a few examples:
Don?t say ?individual,? say ?man? or ?woman.?
Don?t say ?concept,? say ?idea.?
Don?t say ?numerous,? say ?many.?

2. Tell the reader about the benefits of paying for your product or service and make it personable
Prospective buyers are interested in how your product or service will improve their quality of life. Is your product worth their hard-earned cash?
Tell them about the Rolex


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