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Easily Side-Step Any Problems With Your Google Adsense Account

If you have a website or blog, then you can get started with Adsense today as it is pretty simple to implement on any site. Of course you need site visitors to make any money with Adsense, and the particular market you are in will determine your income along with your traffic numbers. What you always have to keep in mind about this program is you must follow the particular operating rules as they apply to Adsense.

How much power and control do you have over keeping your account open for business? What are the chances of you slipping up and getting busted by Google? Follow this tips even if you are blogging about RocketPress discount or List Building for Bloggers coupons.

One thing you must never do is include Adsense ads in emails sent to your list, or anywhere else. Adsense is a contextual ad platform solely designed to be used on any kind of site. Of course online marketers are resourceful, and it didn’t take long to realize that you can put links in emails to websites, or blogs, with Adsense on them, and that is fine to do.

If you are new to this, then pay extreme caution to avoiding any text copy that could make people want to click on the Adsense ads. Don’t label your ads with a “Check this Ad” or “Click Here”, but instead have them labeled as “Sponsors” or “Advertisers”. Google obviously doesn’t want it’s advertisers misunderstand their policy and have their publishers misuse their platform to generate more clicks. We know you do not want to be accused of click fraud, and that is how Google will view the situation. So ensure that all your ads are labeled correctly.

One way to ensure that everything is as it should be with your account is to closely monitor it and watch for anything that doesn’t seem right. Don’t hesitate to tell Google if you ever notice anything that’s out of the ordinary or suspicious. Explain to them exactly what’s happening without holding anything back; don’t fear that you’ll get banned because of letting them know; you’re just bringing a valid problem to their notice. However, if you fail to notify them and they find out about the problem on their own, your account can get banned, and that too for life. It is insanely stupid to ever think about using keyword stuffing. While it’s important to maintain the keyword density of the pages on your site, you shouldn’t go ahead and start to stuff too many keywords into your pages, because that’s a sure shot way to disturb that relationship that you share with Google. Perhaps the best approach is to just naturally write your content, and it is easy to get the right keyword density if you do that. It is not hard to see realize how important it is to take strict measures when it comes to maintaining your Google AdSense account and preventing it from getting banned. Google’s TOS are not overly strict, it is just that so many people try to game the system in one way or another.

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