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Advertising In The Internet: What To Choose?

A growing number of specialized agencies and companies offer the services of advertising in the Internet. Indeed, the Internet as a medium of advertising has become very popular. The numbers talk about it. The amount of online advertising market of the USA reached 21 billion dollars last year. However, a remarkable trend – the demand for online advertising is growing, and it does it very rapidly. Judge for you, the market of Internet advertising is doubling every year!

Price reduction of access to the Internet, the proliferation of broadband and mobile Internet, increase of prices for advertising in traditional media – all this shows that the demand for online advertising will continue to grow rapidly.

Demand creates supply, and now dozens of specialized firms offer to organize your online advertising campaign. There is nothing bad in it. But, deciding about the development of your advertising campaign, it would be helpful to know for manager, marketing manager about the opportunities that can offer the modern Internet, at least in order to set goals correctly and to assess adequately the proposals of promotional agencies.

Make a short overview of the synthesis methods of advertising in the Internet. Just agree that we need the site for advertising. Perhaps it will be a large corporate site of large volumes, where your company is disclosed from the best sides, its quality products and unique services.

Promotion in the search engines (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION -SEO). Approximately 80% of visitors come to the site from the search engines (Yandex, Rambler, etc.). The method is sufficiently effective for increase site traffic through precisely targeted visitors. The disadvantages include the fact that you have to wait for the results for a long time (from 4-6 weeks or more), to maintain a high result constant work is required (and hence permanent, monthly spending).

Contextual advertising. This advertising involves placing text ads advertising. The ads refer to the advertised site and / or specify the phone. This is called contextual advertising because the ads are displayed in the context of the interests of Internet users, ie on sites that are directly relevant ads.

BANNER (Media) ADVERTISING. Banner ads are placed on sites where the audience may be of interest to the advertiser. Banners can be very different – from simple, static text or images to animated movies with their own story.

ADVERTISEMENT in a subscription e-mailing. Many people know and do not like spam mail. But unlike the spam – unauthorized e-mail messages – there is mailing to which the user subscribes himself, voluntarily, and he is looking forward to receive them.

These lists may be published unique copyrighted material and training courses, industry news, announcements, site reviews, etc. Of course, along with these materials in the newsletter it can be included unobtrusive advertising message, image articles, and even animated banner ads.

These days the Internet network has become extremely popular. As now it is both a place of entertainment and making money, website making changed into full-fledged business. But it is not enough to own a website, it is needed people know about it. And here free classified listings could help. One also should know that not only are paid ads accessible for use but free ones as well. Those who are looking for both ways of advertising, are invited to go to this free classified posting site – much info about free of charge and paid ads.

In any way, we should avail ourselves of the online technologies to find what we need at the best terms which are available on the market. For instance if there is needed info on free classified listings, it would be good to search Google and other search engines, visit various social networks and look through topics which are respective to yours, participate in the discussions on the niche forums.

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