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Advertising In The Internet: Choosing An Advertising Site.

Consider the questions that will help to select the site for placement the advertising. Ask yourself these questions before approving your campaign.

1. What attendance of an advertising platform? The high attendance confirmed by external statistics is a common feature of Internet resource. However it should be noted that the most major portals with a few thousand people a day, which amount is tens or even hundreds of thousands of pages, have a large attendance.

Calculation of the Enterprise is made be counters that are placed on all pages of the portal. That is counter “collect” traffic from all of its pages.

At the same time your banner or advertisement will be placed not on all pages, but only on some of them. Thus, overall sometimes a huge attendance, which owners of the portal see you, does not guarantee the effectiveness of advertising on this portal.

2. On what pages will advertisement be displayed? Typically owners of Internet resources offer to advertise on the main page or in individual sections of the site (that is, on some inside pages), rarely – on all pages.

Main page, as a rule, is the most visited. It often happens that is the main page plus a dozen or two others give 80 percent or more of the entire attendance of Multi-Portal.

Placement in separate sections is chosen because: a) here is lower prices, b) the subject of section corresponds to the subject of the ads.

If you plan to place a banner at the sectoral share, it will be interesting the posting of a banner on all its pages. In this case it can be achieved the greatest number of shows a banner and, accordingly, going the target site.

3. How many times will ads be shown? Instead of attendance of advertising site it is better to ask how many times your banner will be displayed during the selected period of time.

Visual banner will affect the audience by its shows. But for text ads, it is used more often such a figure as the number of transitions with this ad on the advertiser’s site.

Cost per thousand shows or per shift – is the second model of transactions between the advertiser and the owner of an advertising site (the first – time payment when the money is collected for a certain period of time).

4. Where will ads be posted on the page of the site? It is better when a banner or an ad is placed in that part of the site, which is immediately visible on the computer screen and its viewing does not need to rotate the screen. However, if a text ad (banner) is placed in the newsletter block or next to an article and its subject matter is relevant to the theme of the article; such advertising could be even more effective.

Nowadays the Internet network is extremely popular. As now it is both a place of entertainment and making money, website making turned into full-fledged business. But it is not enough to own a website, it is necessary people know about it. And here free classified listings could assist. One also should know that not only are paid ads accessible for use but free ones as well. Those who are looking for both ways of advertising, are invited to check out this free classified listings site – lots of information about free and paid ads.

In any way, we should use the web technologies to find what we need for the best price on the market. For example if there is required info on free classified ad listings, it would be good to search Google and other search engines, visit social networks and review topics which are related to yours, participate in the online discussions on the niche forums.

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