Online Campaigns, Online Advertisement and Common Sense

A Few Examples Of The Original Non-standard Advertising.

Do you want to earn more? Use nonstandard promotions. You can use your body as an advertising site, sell books by weight, as potatoes, quit the swordfish into the lake and declare to angler prize a million dollars, as did the American beer manufacturers …

The body as advertisement.

Twenty-five years old resident of St. Petersburg put up for sale ad space on her body! In order to sell advertising space, in the Internet the site was created from the title of which one can understand what it is about.

Natalia, so called “a seller of advertising space on her body”, reported that aims to earn 1.000.000 $. She received from the businessmen $ 1610 for six months.

Do not be surprised that such advertising is very profitable for the advertiser. First, it is not as expensive as it seems, and, secondly, such “spectacles” attract the attention of many people, so the impact of such advertising is very high.

Underground cinema.

Coca-Cola Company has posted a series of light boxes in a dark subway tunnel. As a result, the passengers of the train, which flies past the scoreboard with great speed, have impression that they watched commercials.

Motor trade.

Winners of the lottery at the opening of the Boston store had the right within two minutes to collect as many free CDs in music shop as they can. And participants of “the shopping fever

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